02 About us


As a virtual agency, we are as lithe and flexible as our entrepreneurial clients. We work proactively with clients to identify and prioritize activities and strategically recommend only those programs that will build brand awareness and/or increase sales for your business. Our primary goal is to expedite results on your behalf.

Senior talent is the key your success — and ours! We bring together the experience of many PR industry veterans, each with at least 15 years of experience in public relations, marketing and/or advertising. At EKPR your business will always be spearheaded and staffed by PR industry veterans who understand your business and are passionate about seeing it succeed!

“EKPR does the fundamentals of PR – quick response, product knowledge, industry connections, etc. – as well as anyone. But what I really appreciate is the proactive approach they take to help out with assignments. They take the time to understand the focus of a particular article, and then they’re able to suggest content that I may not have even thought of. That’s value that makes my job easier.”

William Rochfort Jr., Backpacker Magazine